Salvage Quote Process

Provides adjuster support as they evaluate total loss decisions with purposeful differentiators. Enables improved policyholder experience with informative reporting during total loss resolution.

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Auto claim teams lack the quality of information necessary to accurately evaluate vehicle salvage. The pressure for quick claim resolution always comes at a painfully high cost. Bad data inevitably leads to millions of lost dollars in recovery.

MAST empowers claim teams to eradicate the guesswork from total loss resolution with superior salvage valuations on all insurable vehicles. Enabling you to increase your asset recovery, reduce advance fees, and improve owner retained experiences with informed total loss decisions.

Where accuracy matters.

Additional Features

Auction Inventory Management

6 Basic Measurements to Improve Salvage Returns

Quantify the effectiveness of your auction management strategy and avoid becoming the ‘Discount Salvage Seller.’

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Accurate Salvage Quotes

Gross Return % is Unreliable for Salvage Expecations

Uncover an underrated tip P&C industry leaders use to forecast their asset recovery expectations more accurately.

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Market Insight and Forecasting

Avoid Leakage with the 2022 CAT Matrix

This simple tool aids adjusters to tackle catastrophe volume more accurately when time and money are on the line.

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