Recent Auction Examples

Recent Auction Examples

Accurate salvage valuations return value to your organization in many ways…

Stock # 29011620

2003 Itasca Motor Home Auction


2003 Itasca Motor Home

A deep-dive in-person was a critical and direct correlation to the 73.9% increase from the initial run to the final resolution. When our Analyst looked at pictures of this 20-year-old Motor Home totaled for “roof damage,” expectations might have been different had we not tagged it for an onsite review. Upon further inspection, the seals were not broken and showed no signs of water penetration to the interior.

3/10/21 Run #1 $4,600 (14.7% of ACV)
3/17/21 Run #2 $5,700 (18.2% of ACV)
3/18/21 Sold Buy Now $8,000 (25.6% of ACV)

$3,400 or 73.9% increase from initial run!

$3,400 or 73.9% increase
from initial run!

Stock # 29958584

2019 Mercedes-Benz C Class Auction


2019 Mercedes-Benz C Class 300 2.0L Turbo

A 2% accuracy variance from the initial expectation was attainable because of the due diligence in the MAST evaluation process. Our onsite presence confirmed buyer interest despite the BIO stamp as the primary loss type. Realizing this was not a rebuild candidate, our research was grounded in understanding the value in the salvageable parts to avoid selling low. Factoring in all variables, our Analyst placed a reserve at $11,000.

5/25/2021 Run #1 $9,375 (32.4% of ACV)
6/6/2021 Sold Buy Now $10,775 (37.4% of ACV)

$11,000 valuation brings $10,775 final sale!

Strong market knowledge yields 14.9% gain.

Strong market knowledge
yields 14.9% gain.

Stock # 26727318

2008 Lamborghini Murcielago Auction


2008 Lamborghini Murcielago

A quote allowed this claim to be processed quickly while avoiding teardown and supplemental costs. MAST quote values are measured against short-cycle market trends to anticipate future market performance. Unable to find comparisons, the provider reached out for a quote to support their repair vs. replace decision. Confident in our process, a “replace” decision resulted. The MAST quote aligned with buyer demand, and the unit sold on the initial run for a fair market price at the auction.

11/13/2019 Quote Requested by Client
11/13/2019 MAST Valuation $53,500 – $61,500
1/11/2020 Sold First Run $60,600 (39.5% of ACV)

Quick claim settlement. Quick, fair sale!

Quick claim settlement.
Quick, fair sale!

Stock # 28620613

2018 Lowe Stinger Auction


2018 Lowe Stinger

Under-performance in early bidding did not waiver confidence in our researched expectation. An onsite review was critical in this success story. Six months in the yard before sale impacted the condition of this boat. Despite that, buyers were humming. Our analyst researched the current used market for comparisons, surveyed body shops to understand repair opportunities and costs associated with the prop. Using this knowledge, combined with seasonal buyer appetite, MAST placed an aggressive reserve.

5/18/21 Run #1 $10,450 (47.9% of ACV)
5/25/21 Run #2 $10,750 (49.3% of ACV)
6/5/2021 Sold Buy Now $11,125 (51.0% of ACV)

Reserve confidence brings $675 or 6% gain.

Reserve confidence brings
$675 or 6% gain.

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